Saudi Arabia: Jazeera Paints Training Institute Launches the Future Leaders Program

The Training Institute of Jazeera Paints, the leading company in the industry of paints, colors, and construction solutions, has launched the first sessions of the “Future Leaders” program for 50 of its employees, in an effort to develop and empower their abilities and skills, as investing in human capacity development is an important part of the success of any organization or institution.

Since work environments are characterized by their competitive nature, Jazeera Paints is keen on continuously developing its human resources to keep up with market demands to remain at the forefront and continue as one of the leading companies offering innovative services and products in the market. Consequently, it supports its employees to reach the highest level of performance by providing advanced training programs to achieve this goal, which contributes to “prepare an ambitious citizen who possesses the skills and knowledge, and keeps pace with the renewed changes in the labor market, which contributes to building a solid economy based on skills and knowledge and whose foundation is human capital”, as stated by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince and Prime Minister – may Allah protect him – in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 regarding human development and improving quality of life.

The Training manager of Jazeera Paints Training Institute, Engineer Ismail Al-Ahmari, praised the efforts of the company in developing and nurturing talents by offering advanced training programs that contribute to building a bright future for the company’s workforce. Among these programs is the “Future Leaders” program, which was designed with the aim of achieving a set of key objectives focusing on the development of technical, leadership, and managerial skills and capabilities of employees, enabling them to deal with current and future challenges they may face. This is accomplished through workshops that help enhance technical knowledge and fundamental managerial skills, equipping them with the necessary skills to successfully lead work teams and achieve desired goals.

ABOUT JAZEERA PAINTS: Founded in Riyadh in 1979, Jazeera Paints is a company specializing in manufacturing, producing, and exporting high-quality paints in accordance with the highest sustainability and environmental security standards. Over the last decades, Jazeera Paints has successfully maintained its top-notch place as one of the most prominent companies that manufacture paints and dyes in MENA, with an annual production capacity exceeding 500,000 tons and more than 750 active showrooms inside and outside Saudi Arabia.




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