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Ajdan Waterfront: A Masterplan Development in the Heart of Khobar by Top Real Estate Company Ajdan

Ajdan is a company specialized in providing effective, integrated, real estate lifestyle development solutions in Saudi Arabia. It is known for the Ajdan Waterfront mixed-use development, a masterplan development located in the heart of Khobar. It comprises 4 main projects: Ajdan Rise, Ajdan Walk, Ajdan AMC Cinema and a five-star hotel called the Fairmont Hotel.

IndorseSign: Advanced Digital Transactions, Content and Process Management by Indorse Services

IndorseSign is an advanced digital transactions, content and process management platform by Saudi-based software development company Indorse Services, for users to easily sign, seal and endorse documents. It is a member of the Cloud Signature Consortium, a group of industry and academic organizations committed to building a new standard for cloud-based digital signatures that will support web and mobile applications and comply with the most demanding electronic signature regulations in the world.

Best Cloud Services in Saudi Arabia – NourNet

Founded in Saudi Arabia at the dawn of the mass adoption of the Internet in 1998 as a humble corporate ISP NourNet decided early on and in its own words to take, “the road less travelled.” Espousing a simple mission statement, “Empowering enterprises with end-to-end communication services that are world-class and competitive” with a clear-eyed focus to always leverage cutting-edge technologies to offer their customers the latest and best converged network services.

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