Pororoca: The Longest Wave on Earth

Brazil Travel Tips: Pororoca, Amazon
Discover the Pororoca, the longest wave on earth.

Pororoca Brazil Tourism

Brazil is synonymous with football, samba and surfing, but when surfing is the topic of conversation names like Praia do Rosa in Santa Catarina or Itacaré in Bahia come up, but Brazil is actually home to the longest wave on earth, and it´s not in the Atlantic Ocean but on the Amazon River: Pororoca is a tidal bore the occurs for 3 or 4 days with the new and full moons. Sometimes the big wave appears every month but the guaranteed months to go are February and March.

In the local Tupi language Pororoca means “great destructive noise” and the sound has been described as a herd of horses galloping behind you. The wave can run for up to 20 kilometres and reach up to 4 metres. If your legs are up to it you can ride it for an exhausting 30 minutes and if the murky, brown water doesn´t scare you then maybe you´re so insane that you´ll take the challenge of surfing Pororoca by night.

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