Joy Industries: A Leading Medicinal and Herbal Products Manufacturer in Ghana

Dr. Nutifafa Kwasi presents Joy Industries, a leading medicinal and herbal products manufacturer in Ghana. He explains what are some of the company’s most famous products, including Joy Ointment, Joy Medicated Soap, Joy Dadi Bitters, Joy Twedea Ginger and Sokoo.

Interview with Dr. Nutifafa Kwasi, Production Director at Joy Industries

Dr. Nutifafa Kwasi, Production Director at Joy Industries

What can you tell us about the company itself?

Joy Industries is a company with a core mandate of research into medicinal herbs as well as development and production of these herbal products.

What are some of your main products?

We have expanded from 5,000 cartons per day to 30,000 cartons per day because of the demands from the West African sub regions. We look forward to expanding to over 100,000 cartons per day.

Our first flagship product is Joy Ointment. It is an ointment made from the extract of medicinal herbs for Candida albicans. It is used to treat candidiasis in women. It is also the number one deodorant in Ghana and Africa. You cannot compare any deodorant with Joy Ointment. When you apply this ointment to your underarms for 24 hours, if you smell your armpit after three or four hours, there is no scent. It has won the best ointment five consecutive times in Ghana. It is available all over the country and it is the most patronized ointment in Ghana. Leveraging on this, we have developed alcoholic beverages. Africans and Ghanaians drink ordinary alcohol of low quality. We are trying to infuse medicinal, scientifically proven herbs into alcohol. In the production of alcoholic beverages, you need water, alcohol or ENA, artificial color, and essence or flavor. But Joy Industries is doing something different. We are extracting the active ingredients in plants and introducing them into our alcoholic beverage production. So, when you consume our products, you will surely benefit from the medicinal properties of these herbs. We introduced Joy Dadi Bitters which is our first alcoholic product, with the slogan, “The true bitters of the land.” Wherever you go in America, Europe, Asia, or Africa, it is the true bitters of the land. It is made of 100% natural herbs. There are no artificial additives, just purely 100% herbal extract. You can demonstrate this naturality if you shake the product. It is the only alcoholic beverage in the world that foams. The foam comes from something called saponins which is a phytoconstituent in herbs. If you truly use natural herbs in the production of the alcoholic beverage, it should foam. Our second product is Joy Twedea Ginger. It is produced from pure natural ginger extract, Zingiber officinale. Ginger is one of the most potent antioxidants of all time. We have other flavors that are artificial, artificial ginger flavor and powders are all over the world. But we are producing Twedea Ginger from our natural, indigenous, tropical ginger. Ginger has many medicinal benefits. Twedea Ginger is different from all ginger alcoholic products in the world. We also came out with another product called Sokoo which is made from herbs, but these are sweet botanical herbs that give a sweet aroma. There is no sugar, but it tastes sweet. We developed this specifically for those who do not like bitter flavors. So, all consumers from all walks of life, male or female, can consume our products. We have carved a niche in Ghana and other West African countries and beyond that no one can take from us. We can increase the niche or the niche is devoid. Joy Industries is the only company in the world that produces 100% herbal bitters. Other companies only produce 1%, 2%, 5% herbal content. On our tank farm where we do the extraction process, each tank is 25L. We have 110 tanks, so you can imagine the volume of medicinal extract we are producing daily. We have the biggest tank farm in Africa that produces herbal concentrate for the bitters market.

Tell us about your soap products.

Our slogan is “Good health brings Joy.” Joy Industries over the years has been able to develop products that give joy and good health. Joy Medicated Soap is one of the leading soaps in Ghana and beyond. It takes care of body odor, infection, skin diseases, and it is 100% herbal soap. For all of our products, the foam still lasts even after 15 minutes.

What is your capacity?

We have expanded from 5,000 cartons per day to 30,000 cartons per day because of the demands from the West African sub regions. We look forward to expanding to over 100,000 cartons per day.

Do you have a final message?

I want to encourage all alcoholic beverage consumers in Africa and beyond to confidently consume Joy products, Joy Dadi Bitters, Joy Twedea Ginger, and Sokoo alcoholic beverage, and to likewise use our medicinal products, Joy Soap and Joy Ointment. If you consume our products, you get one thing and that is health, and it multiplies into Joy.


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