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Abdullah Ibrahim Alkhorayef Presents Leading Saudi Conglomerate Alkhorayef Group

In this insightful interview, Abdullah Ibrahim Alkhorayef provides an in-depth overview of Alkhorayef Group, a diverse Saudi conglomerate with significant operations spanning oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, agriculture, marine, and power technologies. He elaborates on the company’s impressive global reach and robust service offerings, highlighting their strategic expansion and commitment to quality. Join us as Mr. Alkhorayef shares the competitive advantages that set Alkhorayef apart, along with their innovative projects and the company’s philosophy on corporate social responsibility.

Packaging Industry: Gavin Dehning Discusses Silafrica’s Growth Initiatives Across East Africa

In this conversation with MarcoPolis, Gavin Dehning, the Group CEO of Silafrica, a prominent packaging manufacturing company, discusses recent milestones and highlights major contracts with industry leaders Heineken and Coca Cola, offering valuable insights into the company’s strategic investments and expansive growth strategies across East Africa.

Ensuring Local Manufacturing of Quality Grinding Media for the Ghana Mining Industry

On Tuesday 23rd January 2024, the Ghana Chamber of Mines organized a workshop on grinding media under the theme “Ensuring Local Manufacturing of Quality Grinding Media for the Mining Industry.” The Main Speaker for the work shop was Prof. Richard Amankwah, Vice Chancellor of the University of Mines and Technology, also professor of Minerals Engineering at the same university.

Manufacturing Sector: Jayesh Shah Unveils Sumaria Group’s Evolution and Expansion Plans

Jayesh Shah delves into the strategic evolution and current landscape of the family business. Focused on consolidating their ventures, Sumaria Group has streamlined its portfolio to emphasize three core entities: Silafrica, a leading packaging company; Nyanza Bottling, a Coca-Cola plant with over 35 years of thriving success; and their ginning company. Discover the unique journey and future aspirations of Sumaria Group as they seek new horizons in the global market.

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