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Brazil Economy: Discussing Privatization Programs with Deputy Minister Diogo Mac Cord de Faria

Deputy Minister Diogo Mac Cord de Faria discusses privatization programs in Brazil, including large privatization processes which are underway with major economic actors, including Eletrobras, the largest utility company in Latin America, and Correios, the largest Post Office in Latin America. He also talks about the real estate sector, mentioning the creation of real estate trust funds which will lead to tremendous investment opportunities in Brazil.

Ozires Silva: Brazilian Education, Embraer, Innovation & Research

Ozires Silva, Rector of Unimonte and Founder of Embraer
Ozires Silva, current Rector of Unimonte and Founder of Embraer argues that the education system in Brazil should be reformed in order to face a competition that is growing internationally. He also talks about entrepreneurship, the founding of Embraer and the importance of innovation and research for the future of Brazil.

Luiz Fernando Furlan: Economy, Trade, Problems and Innovation in Brazil

Luiz Fernando Furlan, Minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade of Brazil from 2003 to 2007 and Member of the Board of Directors at Brasil Foods
There are various sectors but ours, the publishing area, has some limitations imposed through legislation. It’s deeply regrettable because there shouldn’t be any legislation preventing foreign capital to access content production.

Luiza Helena Trajano, CEO of Magazine Luiza

Luiza Helena Trajano, CEO of Magazine Luiza
Mrs. Luiza Helena Trajano talks about consumer confidence and economic issues in Brazil. We rely on important factors: our domestic consumption is going strong. To exemplify, 45% of the population has not an automatic washing machine yet. Also, we are a democracy. In addition, only in 2020 our residents will start growing older.

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