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Fusion Group: A Pioneering Real Estate and Fund Management Firm Based in East Africa

Daniel Kamau discusses real estate projects in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda and presents Fusion Group, a private equity firm focused on real estate investment and fund management based in East Africa, founded in 2006. All of the firm’s profits have been re-invested in the business, and Fusion has grown into a leading and pioneering real estate and fund management firm in East Africa over the years.

Real Estate Consultancy in Uganda: An Exclusive Interview with Judy Rugasira of Knight Frank

Judy Rugasira discusses the challenges to be faced by the real estate sector in Uganda during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as the opportunities that have arisen in this context. She also gives an overview of Knight Frank Uganda, a leading independent real estate consultancy, specialized in property management and valuations for the residential and commercial sectors.

Construction Sector in Uganda: Ready-Mix Concrete and Drilling Solutions by Kasthew Group

Mathias Kasujja shares his assessment of the construction sector in Uganda and presents Kasthew Group. Kasthew provides many solutions for the construction sector, ranging from ready-mix concrete to water drilling, explorational drilling, Geotech drilling, etc. He also discusses international reach and projects, and shares his vision for the future of Kasthew Group for the medium term.

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