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Affordable Housing Solutions: Urban Developer CPS Applying to Build the First CLT Factory in Tanzania

Sebastian Dietzold talks about the latest developments in the construction and real estate sectors in Tanzania, and gives an overview of CPS, a company he founded in 2012 with the vision to design and implement sustainable and empowering urban developments in Africa, focusing on timber-framed houses. Providing affordable housing solutions, the urban developer is now applying to build the first CLT factory in the country.

Building and Construction Sector in Tanzania: An Interview with Andrew Kim Chami of LCH Builders

Andrew Kim Chami shares his assessment of the construction industry in Tanzania and presents LCH Builders, a construction company specialized in providing affordable building and construction solutions to the Tanzanian market. He also mentions some success stories and shares his vision for the future of LCH Builders for the medium term.

Civil and Building Construction: Dhruv Jog Presents Tanzanian Construction Company Advent

Dhruv Jog gives an overview of Advent Construction Ltd, a Tanzanian construction company specialized in large scale civil and building construction works, such as water works, airport works, marine engineering, industrial construction, building construction and residential construction. Advent is one of Tanzania’s largest and most recognized civil and building construction companies.

Tanzanian leading real estate developer introduced a new pay for houses scheme

The National Housing Corporation of Tanzania a leading real estate development and management firm mandated under the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Settlements Development has launched a new scheme which allows its clients to pay for the houses purchased while living in their own homes.

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