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Security Solutions: Hipora Celebrates More Than 10 Years of Loss Control Excellence in East Africa

Hipora Group is an integrated loss control and security organization that provides highly efficient and cost-effective pre-integrated business and security solutions to control losses in business, ranging from merchandise theft to pilferage, shoplifting, fraud, excessive discounting, paperwork mistakes, etc. Hipora serves a variety of sectors such as retail, manufacturing, trading, and processing industries.

Security Industry: The Emergence of Loss Control and Inventory Management Services in East Africa

John Wanjohi and Francis Indimuli share their assessment of the security sector in Kenya and the region, and present Hipora, the leading loss control and inventory management company in East Africa. Hipora provides turnkey solutions which adopt the ultimate approach to identifying causes of losses in businesses and obtaining the necessary trail of evidence to make the necessary recommendations to curtail inventory and stock losses.

Discussing Security with Annette Kimitei of Senaca, The Fastest-Growing Security Company in East Africa

Annette Kimitei shares her assessment of the security services industry in East Africa and presents Senaca, the fastest-growing security company in the region. The company operates in Kenya and Uganda and focuses on 4 main areas: man-guarding solutions, security technology, risk management solutions and K-9 services or the dog section.

Ramesh Babu Presents Kiboko Group, One of the Biggest FMCG Distribution Companies in Uganda

Ramesh Babu presents Kiboko Group of Companies, one of the biggest FMCG distribution companies in Uganda. Under the Group are also Kiboko Enterprises, a giant import and distribution house, as well as Abacus, which focuses on the pharmaceutical business side. Mr Babu also shares some success stories and talks about the philosophy of Kiboko Group of Companies.

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