ARG 1 Africa: Supplying and Servicing Hundreds of Moving Installations Across Ghana and West Africa

ARG 1 is a Ghanaian multidisciplined engineering contracting company. Headquartered in Accra, ARG 1 has evolved into a strong and trusted company supplying and servicing hundreds of vertical and horizontal moving installations across the West Africa sub-region, including elevators, escalators, moving walkways, dumbwaiters, platforms, car lifts and airport passenger bridges.

ARG 1 Africa: Supplying and Servicing Hundreds of Moving Installations Across Ghana and West Africa


ARG 1 Africa Limited is a Ghanaian multidisciplined engineering contracting company with a combined HR related expertise of over 60 years. Headquartered in Accra, ARG 1 has evolved into a strong and trusted company employing a team of over 350 skilled and dedicated industry professionals, supplying and servicing hundreds of vertical and horizontal moving installations across the West Africa sub-region, including elevators, escalators, moving walkways, dumbwaiters, platforms, car lifts and airport passenger bridges.

With close to a decade of success and growth, and more than 500 moving systems supplied and installed, the company is focused on the delivery of its projects in a timely manner and within budget. Its broad client base demonstrates the caliber of its work and includes state and local governments, resource companies, airports, universities and education providers, as well as commercial and residential property developers.

By choosing ARG 1 as their specialist partner, clients know they are working alongside an organization with optimized corporate performance and accountability practices. ARG 1 has put in place structures, policies and procedures that have been developed by its board of directors and management to ensure that operations are founded on its core principles.

ARG 1 has achieved a geographically diverse workbook with strong representation and provides support centers in Mali, Guinea Conakry, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Togo, Benin, Nigeria and Congo Brazzaville, on top of its main office in Ghana.

The company has developed a strong operating platform from which to pursue its strengths and competitive advantage to deliver the best possible outcomes for its clients. This is supported by a healthy balance sheet free of any debt, profitable core businesses, and a team of committed and determined employees that provide stability to clients throughout the life of a project.

The company’s ability to effectively deliver any type of project through a variety of methodologies is underpinned by its core value of working together with its clients. ARG 1’s team of professionals has the tenacity and technical ability to tackle complex projects, as well as a genuine desire to understand and work with clients and stakeholders to realize their vision.

It is for this reason that ARG 1’s teams have delivered on some of Ghana’s leading projects and facilities, accomplishing international standards. Through these achievements, ARG 1 teams have built a reputation for excellence and world-class innovation.

ARG 1 Africa


Led by CEO Roni Gaby Mattouk, ARG 1’s teams are known for their open and proactive approach and are committed to the principles of collaborative contracting, understanding the delivery journey is as important as the final product for clients.

Each ARG 1 team is defined by the project they are delivering and are selected on a best-fit-basis. ARG 1 has the resources to appoint the right people for each project based on technical skills and the role they will play within the broader team. From the initial tender stage, ARG 1 involves nominated team members, ensuring consistent and expert guidance from the start.

ARG 1 is fortunate to employ a pool of talented people, across all levels of staff, from senior management to field engineers, who bring experience in all market sectors. Its core team specializes in key areas such as planning, design, services, quality assurance and environmental management.

Ongoing training and development programs keep ARG 1’s staff skills at the forefront of industry best practice, which is essential to successful project outcomes.

ARG 1 Africa


With operations throughout Ghana, ARG 1 is committed to contributing to the communities in which it operates, through various corporate social responsibility initiatives.

ARG 1 supports a variety of charities and community organizations through sponsorships, donations and participation in fundraising events, and is pleased to be able to contribute to the health and wellbeing of the thousands of people who benefit from the work these organizations undertake.

Furthermore, in-house training is provided for ‘file and rank’ within the company, as well as those seeking to better their technical skills and ‘move on’.

ARG 1 Africa


Management systems are in place across the business to ensure the highest quality of work, industry leading safety standards and the protection of the environment.

These systems are embedded in the company’s culture and are exemplified across its national operating divisions through the professionalism, experience and commitment of its personnel.

As a company built upon the principles of excellence, safety and quality, ARG 1 is acutely aware of regulatory and legislative responsibilities and takes these very seriously. The company also strives to uphold the highest industry standards and takes great pride in its international certifications.

Health and Safety

Safety is the company’s first consideration. As a leading national player, ARG 1 is committed to upholding the highest possible safety standards across its business.

Its unwavering duty of care is embedded in its values, organizational culture and operating systems, and is an inherent part of how ARG 1 carries out business every day.


ARG 1 recognizes that operating in a sustainable, responsible manner, is an important business practice that enhances value for shareholders and in turn, the employees and communities in which it operates.

The company is acutely conscious of its responsibility to the environment and ensures its people are engaged with environmental protection processes. ARG 1 regularly liaises with government authorities to ensure ongoing compliance with legislation and regulations, and to continually improve its systems and performance.


As a company that strives for excellence, ARG 1 has developed a quality management system based on the requirements of government legislation and industry expectations. By implementing this system at every project site, ARG 1 can ensure its commitment to excellence is continually upheld.

Significant aspects embraced within ARG’s quality system include:
• Control of documents;
• Inspection and test plans, together with compliance inspection;
• Purchasing;
• Monitoring and measurement of product;
• Checklists;
• Quality system audits.


ARG 1 Africa Limited is an accredited D1/K1 with the Ministry of Water Resources, Works, Housing, E-certificate, GSA, certificate, etc.

Global Network

Collaborations with Ghanaian and international firms such as CCL International, ThyssenKrupp, Siemens, JCB, Infosec, Hidral and Chematec, provide ARG 1 with a stable and sophisticated platform to explore joint opportunities, ventures, leveraging international experience in construction, infrastructure and design, to enhance its capabilities and create an expanded offering.

This association also allows the company to share operating techniques and experiences to further develop the skillset of its people and in turn the greater business.

ARG 1 Africa


Residential Elevators

ARG 1’s commitment to excellence and quality is demonstrated in its ability to deliver residential developments’ need for elevators quickly. These include high-rise and sprawled developments by renowned players such as Trassaco, Cornerstone, Hayat, The Pearl in the City, Imperial Homes, Altitude, The Signature and Ultimo Gardens.

With inner-city apartment living becoming increasingly more popular, ARG 1’s teams have the skills and experience to design and build high-quality residential elevators that meet the needs of the modern urban lifestyle.

Hospital Elevators

ARG 1 is committed to providing a high standard of delivery, completing projects on time and within budget in live environments.

Its continued delivery on this commitment is demonstrated by a repeat workbook with the regional hospitals, the Ridge Hospital, and the new 650-bed Legon University Hospital, KNUST Hospital, Korle Bu Neurology and Nephrology Center and Koforidua Hospital to name a few, where ARG 1’s scope of work ranged from hospital elevators to the earthworks and civil related.


In the airports segment, ARG 1 has delivered various high-quality projects for clients including Kotoka International Airport.

This is supported by the experience growth the company achieved in providing 22 elevators, 2 moving walkways of 26m length, 5 escalators, 3 platforms, baggage handling systems running 3kms and 7 passenger board bridges (aerobridges) which were all supplied, installed, commissioned and maintained by ARG 1 at the new T3.

Office Buildings

ARG 1 is zealous and committed in its execution of works, hence, meets all client’s timelines. The company often teams up with international and local consultants in delivering high-end ultra-modern office buildings that meet today’s demand of vertical transportation.

Famous office building projects include CAL Bank and Standard Chartered Bank new head offices, Rana Motors, GNPC Takoradi, ABSA Bank and the most recent SU Towers. ARG 1’s scope of works starts with design and expands to supply, installation, commission and after sales service.


ARG 1 is an excellent partner for creating the desired luxury ambiance for all kinds of hotels, offering the speed, comfort and satisfaction in vertical transport hotel guests crave and admire.

Some hotel projects include Radisson Blue (Togo), IBIS Style, African Regent Hotel, Marriott Beach Hotel (Benin), Best Western Hotel (Gabon), among others.


ARG 1 at its core is devoted to enhancing the ease and convenience associated with modern day living in all facets. This is evident in mall projects, where escalators and lifts brighten the mall shopping experience significantly. ARG 1’s equipment is made to withstand frequent use and busy days, in addition to being child friendly.

Malls such as Palace Mall, Garden City Mall and one of the largest open markets in Africa, the Kejetia Market, all use ARG 1’s lifts and escalators.

ARG 1 Africa


Many of the installations ARG 1 has undertaken operate 24 hours a day, which is why the company’s support teams are always available.

After-sales support is paramount. ARG 1’s services are geared towards ensuring that its installations perform to their best. The company places great emphasis on after-sales service, in order to ensure customer satisfaction, engender loyalty, and generate repeat business.

To support its technical service teams, ARG 1 stocks a comprehensive range of spare parts based on the manufacturers’ recommendations. This means that engineers can ensure quick and efficient responses. ARG 1 has also undertaken project management for companies like BROLL.

ARG 1 Africa


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