Nournet’s strategy for managed ICT services

Amjad A. Hafez, CEO of Nournet talks about Nournet’s strategy for managed ICT services.

Amjad A. Hafez, CEO of Nournet talks about Nournet’s strategy for managed ICT services.

Can you mention some of the key statistical figures of your performance? What have been the latest developments regarding the current economic conditions in the market?

Nournet has been experienced double-digit growth for the last fifteen years. Nournet is part of a big group here in Saudi called Astra Group. It is number 26 of the top 100 Saudi companies. Nournet has been the leader in the ICT solutions that we push because of its structure. The company is very agile and flexible. We are able to focus on the latest technologies and services and bring them rapidly to market.

Nournet is not like an operator that has heavy capex and burdens that they want to take care of before they jump into new services. This has given us a big advantage and has given our customers a much better service. As such, Nournet has been enjoying double-digit growth every year.

This double-digit growth will continue, due to ICT development in Saudi Arabia despite the recent slowdown. The company is strategically positioned in the key growth areas.

What was behind engaging with McKenzie?

The idea was to restructure for growth. The problem was that our business load was getting bigger and bigger. The company wanted to ensure that the internal structure was able to cope with the increased growth and able to serve Nournet for the coming decade.
The consultancy will help us identify the best structure internally to best cope with the growth and meet market demand. It has been executed, we started running this exercise three years ago, and it is working beautifully for us.

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