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iXAfrica to Transform Kenya into East Africa’s Data Center Hub – A Conversation with Snehar Shah

In this interview, Snehar Shah, CEO of iXAfrica, shares his vision for revolutionizing the digital landscape in East Africa by establishing Kenya as a pivotal data center hub. Shah discusses the strategic choice of Kenya for its abundant renewable energy, growing tech ecosystem, and robust connectivity, while outlining iXAfrica’s ambitious plans to support the region’s digital transformation and meet the rising demand for AI-ready infrastructure.

Driving Innovation in Procurement: A Conversation with Iyad Aldalooj of Penny Software

Penny Procurement and Sourcing Software and Solutions is a Saudi-based company specialized in procurement processes for mid to upper-market companies, maximizing value and savings while ensuring compliance and governance. With innovative source-to-pay solutions and a B2B e-commerce platform, Penny is revolutionizing procurement. Join us as CEO Iyad Aldalooj discusses Penny’s competitive advantages, market strategy, and vision for the future.

Exploring the Future of Technology: Premier Global Tech Event LEAP 2024 to Be Held in Riyadh

Tech enthusiasts, professionals, and visionaries from around the world are gearing up for the much-anticipated LEAP 2024 gathering, set to take place from March 4th to 7th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. LEAP, short for “Leading Edge Advancement in Technology,” has established itself as a premier global tech event, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of technology and innovation.

Top Paint Manufacturer Jazeera Paints Participates in Digital Transformation at GITEX Global Exhibition

Jazeera Paints, the leading company in the industry of paints, colors and construction solutions in Saudi Arabia and MENA, shares an elite group of promising technical expertise in the digital transformation field in GITEX Global Exhibition, which is running for five days at Dubai Global Trade Fair, and will last up to 20th of October 2023.

Bridging the Tech Talent Gap: CEO Snehar Shah on Moringa School’s Journey to Empower African Youth

Snehar Shah shares his assessment of the IT sector in Kenya and presents Moringa School, a multi-disciplinary learning accelerator committed to closing the skills gap in Africa’s job markets by delivering transformative tech-based learning to high-potential jobseekers; and on graduation connecting them to local and international employers who desire high-quality tech talent.

SevenSeas Technologies: Michael Macharia Wins Sh1.6bn Against Kenyan Government in Cancelled IT Tender

Businessman Michael Macharia, Co-Founder of IT firm SevenSeas Technologies, has won a Sh1.6 billion award against the Kenyan government following a cancelled contract to wire 98 State hospitals. Retired judge and now arbitrator Aaron Ringera found the State at fault in terminating the Sh4.7 billion contract that demanded SevenSeas Technologies provide the technology component of the Managed Equipment Service (MES) plan.

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