INDEVCO Group Leading Lebanese Industry

The group employs 7500 people in Cyprus, Egypt, England, France, Greece, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Sudan, Ukraine, and the United States. “Our human capital is the most important capital of INDEVCO group… this is why our people are very much empowered”, says Neemat G. Frem, President  & CEO.

INDEVCO Group, which stands for Industrial Development Company, is an international manufacturing group that produces paper, plastic and corrugated packaging for agricultural, beverage, construction, food, industrial, pharmaceutical, personal care, petrochemical, and promotional markets. The group also manufactures personal care, household and institutional disposables for the retail and away-from-home (AFH) markets. Cedex-Launch-Ceremony-12.JPG

INDEVCO is structured into 4 main divisions: Consumer Products, Flexible Packaging, Paper Containers and Paper Making, in addition to Phoenix company. Since 1972, INDEVCO sal has been the group’s industrial development and management company delivering services to member companies that include human resources, IT, accounting and finance, legal, insurance, project management, business turnaround, as well as market and product development.

Today, the leading multinational group has 10 flexible packaging plants, 15 corrugated container plants, and 6 consumer disposable plants and 4 paper making plants, as well as over 20 commercial companies. INDEVCO reaches more than 100,000 points-of-sale worldwide due to its consumer distribution presence and exceptional route-to-market in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and central Asia. In addition, the group’s business-to-business export network thrives with experienced executives throughout international sales offices.

The group employs 7500 people in Cyprus, Egypt, England, France, Greece, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Sudan, Ukraine, and the United States.

says Neemat G. Frem, President  & CEO.  Frem also explained that the group’s central management has always been well-focused and keen on providing member companies with autonomy to evolve on their own and entrepreneurial freedom to excel. Constantly driven by a wise and ambitious management, INDEVCO employees have internalized the deep-rooted values which are unique to the group and which reflect the founder’s vision: “What is good for the community is good for the company.”

As the current President of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI), Frem answered when asked about the advantages of the Lebanese industrial sector:

I believe if we know how to position ourselves and have the right value proposition in our products, there will be a new niche for the Lebanese products. “Made in Lebanon” is somehow a label for high quality products or products in which high quality is within reach.

Frem also noted that he would like to

help international businesses reconsider Lebanon as the gate to a trillion dollar economy in the Middle East”,

while emphasizing that the Lebanese young, educated and high profile executives are effectively the main competitive factor of the Lebanese industrial sector.

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