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Joe Faddoul, Founder of BML Istisharat, recounts history and future strategy after Mawarid Finance acquisition

The Founder and former Chairman of BML Istisharat recounts the inspirational story of BML Istisharat, hard-won first successes during the Lebanese civil war, gradual expansion of exports as well as what the recent acquisition by UAE-based Mawarid Finance signifies for BML Istisharat and its future plans and strategies.

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Salah Rustum from CIEL Lebanon (Commercial Industrial Enterprises of Lebanon)

“We are a Registration Authority in the hierarchy of the Certification Authority for the electronic digital signature which secures anything that goes on the internet. We are a Registration Authority for Lebanon, the Middle East area and the continent of Africa. Of course we can deal in other places but every case has to be discussed with Globalsign independently and on its own merits. Nowadays Cyber-security issues are a prime topic.”

Lebanon to Reestablish Itself as a Regional Hub for Express Logistics Services in the Middle East

“As a group Net Holding’s objective and strategy is not only to try to sustain and maintain what we have in terms of business growth across different types of services but also to be prepared for peace in the region. Once it is established, the reconstruction projects in Syria will be actioned and the Iraqi market will thrive; as a matter of fact, all types of projects such as power plants and oil and gas will kick off again so we need to be ready for this economic rebirth in the region.”

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