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Yassine Jaber

In 2010 I believe we will see more growth in 2010 and assuming the conditions remain stable Lebanon can realize its potential.  Lebanon is a major center for the Arab region and the Arab countries provide the largest amount of tourism to Lebanon .  The banking sector has been flourishing and proven itself successful while achieving growth in its deposits.

Invest in Lebanon

The sectors that are covered are the productive sectors which led to sustainable job creation : industry, tourism , agriculture, agro industry, ICT as a whole, and media. In the first three months of 2010, 10 projects were submitted to The Investment Development Authority of Lebanon, which shows that there is a lot of interest to invest in Lebanon. The Investment Development Authority of Lebanon is ready to stand beside investors that would like to invest in Lebanon, and we have the ability to provide them with information about the economy, and whatever they want to do with their business.· They can visit our web site or contact as directly ; it is really an open policy for all investors willing to invest in Lebanon.

Lebanon Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanonis the voice of the Lebanon private sector with the government. As such it undertakes the fieldwork and directs the public policies in favour of Lebanon private sector. This work is generally organized with other Lebanese chambers in the Lebanese Federation of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Chambers ; as well as with other economic organizations. We aim for the best of Lebanon private sector.

Lebanon Privatization

The focus of Lebanon Privatization is on telecom and electricity. Council for Lebanon Privatization has two projects in the telecom sector , one of the Lebanon privatization of mobile networks and the other is the creation of a national incumbent integrated operator because fixed line and broadband services are provided by the Ministry of Telecommunications and we need to form a corporate entity around that and transfer employees from the Ministry to the this entity to be called Liban Telecom.

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