Sector Analysis

imported 2024-03-17 17:43:07

Zain – A Leading Telecom in Saudi Arabia – Standing out of the Connected Crowd

With a total population of approximately 30 million people, the oil state “is a very dynamic market,” Hassan Kabbani, the CEO of Zain KSA, told Marcopolis in an exclusive interview. “There is a very high level of mobile penetration, reaching more than 180%, and very high level of Smartphone penetration.” Such figures are rare in the emerging markets, but typical for the Gulf Arab oil states with its low population density, but huge distances between the different cities and villages.

Tourism in Saudi Arabia: A Growing Niche

The tourism and service industry could be the providential answer to the pressing unemployment issues in the Kingdom. According to the country’s master economic and industrial development plan through the year 2025, the total Saudi labor force in 2009 consisted of 4,885,960 workers. That figure is projected to grow to 11,850,180 by the end of the planning period.

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