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Healthcare Sector in Iraqi Kurdistan Recording Double Digit Growth

A revival of the health care sector in Iraqi Kurdistan happened 6 or 7 years ago. Healthcare facilities in Erbil, including private hospitals, experienced an increased demand as, due to security concerns in Iraq, more and more patients from different regions of Iraq started to come for treatment. In that time, Zozik Group opened its Soran Hospital. At present, Soran Hospital has 50 beds, 6 operation rooms, an IVF section, and all the other specializations except for the open heart operations and brain surgeries.

Falcon Group: Vision to be the Best Company in Iraq

The international and local investments into the Kurdistan Region have affected it positively though the lack of credit system in Kurdistan still hinders larger, long-term investments. On the other hand, the cash-based projects are less riskier than projects financed through bank loans like in the US, Europe or UAE. Falcon Group, one of the leading companies in Iraqi Kurdistan, earns money from Iraq and invests it back in Iraq; its primary effort is to rebuild Iraq and its different sectors of economy.

Sarmand Group: Presentation of Sarmand Group and its Activities

Sarmand Group is a well-known company in the Kurdistan region and its roots go back to 1979. Throughout its existence the Group has been involved in different sectors including construction, industry, trading, and it has cooperated with the Government on diferent construction projects. Sarmand Group has also an animal feed factory along with poultry farms. Its latest involvement is related to the oil sector in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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