Iraq Banking Sector

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Emerald Bank: Iraqi People Must Regain their Trust in Banks

Sabah Milhim Mohi, Chairman of Emerald Bank
Banking is an emerging sector in Iraq and it hasn’t gotten full opportunity yet. Most of Iraqi banks dont have enough capital to make larger investments. Also, majority of Iraqi people dont trust the banking sector – the same applies to the Kurdistan region. Iraqis haven`t yet got accustomed to deposit their money in banks instead of keeping it as cash.

Kurdistan International Bank: Islamic Banking in Iraq

Bustam Al-Janabi, Managing Director (CEO) of Kurdistan International Bank
Kurdistan International Bank provides comprenehsive banking services since 2005. It is an investment-oriented institution based on Islamic banking. Kurdistan International Bank has doubled its profits when compared to last year and the same is expected to happen in 2013, says Mr. Al-Janabi.

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