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Industrial Companies In Kurdistan | Largest Industrial Groups

According to Salahaddin University – Hawler, industry contributes around 22% to Kurdistan’s GDP, which makes industry the top contributor to the GDP. Most of industry in Kurdistan revolves around oil and gas sector, petrochemicals and chemicals. Furthermore, the region has minor textile industry, leather industry, construction materials industry, food processing industry, fertilizer industry, and metal fabrication/processing industry. The major industrial groups are also part of diversified conglomerates that operate in Kurdistan. Find more below on oil and gas companies, contracting companies and diversified conglomerates in Kurdistan.

Contracting Companies in Kurdistan | List of Construction Companies

With the economy booming at unprecedented rate the construction and contracting sector in Kurdistan experienced unparalleled boom over the past 5 years.
Citing just a few short facts in addition to the oil reserves: the region is tipped to hit a 12% contribution to the region’s GDP by 2013; the autonomous region boasts with 450 major projects valued at $21 Billion, of which at least 20% is being funded in part through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) .

Diversified Conglomerates and Holdings in Kurdistan | List

Traditionally, family-owned conglomerates form the back-bone of any emerging economies, especially in the Middle East. Likewise, Kurdistan is rife with―often―family-owned large diversified conglomerates.The list below provides an overview of the most important diversified conglomerates that are crucial to know when doing business in Iraq’s Kurdistan.

Internet Service Providers in Kurdistan | List of Top ISPs

According to the Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications, there are currently 21 companies providing internet services in Kurdistan. The sector is divided into fixed line operators (that lease out their network but at the same time offer internet services), companies selling the internet, wireless internet service providers (mobile and WiMax) and satellite ISPs.

Islamic Banks in Iraq and Kurdistan | List of Top Islamic Banks

There are currently 11 Islamic banks operating in Iraq. According to the World Bank statement from 2010, “the Islamic banking activities in Iraq started in 1993, where the Iraqi Islamic Bank for Investment and Development was established as the first Iraqi Islamic bank. Islamic banks now have 83 branches and 1504 employees, with the ratio of branches and employees of the Islamic banks to that of all private banks being broadly similar at 19 percent and 17 percent.

Real-Estate Companies in Kurdistan | List of Top Kurdish Real-Estate

Real-estate sector in Iraq’s Kurdistan is the second most dynamic sector after oil and gas. According to figures from the Kurdistan Investment Board (KIB), since the passage of an investment law in 2006, around $20 billion has been invested in Kurdistan. More than half of that, or $11.1 billion, has gone into the housing sector, the other sources state that 51% of all capital investment in the Region has been in real estate (around $9.8 billion to date).

Telecommunication Companies in Iraq & Kurdistan | Telecom List

Top Telecommunication Companies in Iraq & Kurdistan
 Zain Iraq – 53% market share AsiaCell – 31% market share  Korek Telecom – 15.7% market share
Introduction to the Telecom Sector in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
penetration rate in the telecom sector stands around 75-78%, which is below penetration rates of the other Arab countries where it is 100% (for example 110% internet penetration rate in Saudi Arabia). The telecom sector experiences an exponential growth of 11.6%, where the penetration rate went in less than 7 years from 5% to 75%. The largest operator in the market is Zain with a 53% market share, followed by AsiaCell with a 31% market share and Korek Telecom with a 15.7% market share.

Kurdistan Oil Companies | List of Oil Companies in Kurdistan

Oil and gas reserves are undoubtedly the most important assets for Iraq’s Kurdistan. According to OPEC, Iraq’s resources of 143 billion barrels of crude oil and 126.7 trillion cubic feet of gas are the fourth largest in the world after Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Iran. However, Iraq’s oil production is almost half that of Iran, meaning there is plenty of room for growth.
Kurdistan accounts for 43.7 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, 25.5 billion more barrels of unproven reserves and between 3 and 6 trillion cubic meters of gas (30% of Iraq’s proven oil reserves). If Kurdistan was a country, the amount of oil and gas reserves would place it among the top 10 oil rich countries in the world.

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