Kurdistan HP Top Interviews

Discussing Civil and Electrical Projects in Kurdistan with Kamaran Bakr of Civelec

Kamaran N. Bakr, CEO of Civelec, a company specialized in civil and electrical projects in Kurdistan and a leading supplier of electrical materials in the region, gives an overview of Civelec and mentions some of its upcoming projects and success stories. He also discusses international reach and talks about his wish to attract investors.

Biggest Project in Iraq — The Empire World: Exclusive Interview

Empire World’s Marriott Hotel will be a unique hotel catering for needs of all visitors of Erbil, including business travelers. Peshraw Majid Agha has a positive outlook for the real estate in Erbil, which is now one of the most important cities in Iraq for businesses. The prices in Erbil are increasing and investments are flowing into the region at a substantial rate. Peshraw Majid Agha also discusses the other divisions of Falcon Group: Falcon Oil & Gas and Falcon Security.

Falcon Oil & Gas: Becoming the Leader in Rental Equipment and Warehousing in Iraq

Falcon Oil and Gas (Falcon Group) began its operations in early 2013. The company provides specialized rental equipment and warehousing facilities to the major oil and gas companies and also service companies that are working in Iraqi Kurdistan. Falcon Oil and Gas aims to attract more international companies to the region through various joint ventures.

Healthcare Sector in Iraqi Kurdistan Recording Double Digit Growth

A revival of the health care sector in Iraqi Kurdistan happened 6 or 7 years ago. Healthcare facilities in Erbil, including private hospitals, experienced an increased demand as, due to security concerns in Iraq, more and more patients from different regions of Iraq started to come for treatment. In that time, Zozik Group opened its Soran Hospital. At present, Soran Hospital has 50 beds, 6 operation rooms, an IVF section, and all the other specializations except for the open heart operations and brain surgeries.

Erbil Stock Exchange: Mapping the Development of Capital Markets in Iraqi Kurdistan

The idea of establishing a stock exchange in Iraqi Kurdistan dates back to 2007. Erbil Stock Exchange recently signed a new agreement with Nasdaq Omex, which will substantially facilitate companies participation whether they are local or foreign. All companies in Iraq, not only those in Erbil or other parts of Iraqi Kurdistan, will have the opportunity to be enlisted on Erbil Stock Exchange.

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