An Overview of Bulawayo-Based Concrete Product Manufacturing Company Samson Bricks

Victoria Gazi, Founder and CEO of Samson Bricks, a concrete product manufacturing company based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, provides insights into the company’s product line and its competitive edge.

“In-house, we produce a variety of products. Firstly, we manufacture block bricks, which are commonly used for construction in high-density areas for building houses, and in low-density areas, they are predominantly used for exterior walls due to housing regulations. Additionally, we produce standard size bricks approved for both high and low-density construction, primarily utilized at foundation levels. Furthermore, we manufacture two types of pavers: general interlocking pavers and solid brick-like pavers, also known as “bevel pavers”. Our interlocking pavers come in two sizes – the 60 millimeter residential type and the 80 millimeter commercial type suitable for heavy vehicle traffic areas. Apart from manufacturing, we also retail ancillary building materials such as brick force, cement, kerb stones for paving edges, and garden edges for creating pathways”, says Victoria Gazi.

“We have focused on embodying professionalism, delivering exceptional customer service, and ensuring top-notch quality despite being a smaller entity. Additionally, we strive to maintain competitive pricing, providing customers with excellent value for their money at lower rates”, she adds.

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