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Driving Local Growth: Benedict Mbanga on Mangwana Capital’s Vision for Zimbabwe’s Economic Expansion

In this interview, Benedict Mbanga delves into Mangwana Capital’s distinctive edge in Zimbabwe’s private equity landscape, standing out as a locally funded entity amidst a predominantly foreign-funded market, drawing support from 48 local pension funds. Their strategic focus on agriculture, mining, and tourism underscores their commitment to bolstering Zimbabwe’s primary industries. With successes such as pioneering investments in horticulture and significant strides in the oil and gas sector through the Invictus project, Mangwana Capital continues to spearhead transformative ventures poised to redefine Zimbabwe’s economic landscape.

Unlocking Financial Freedom: Joseph Z. Tore Introduces Financial Services Firm Willbey Solutions Zimbabwe

Embark on a journey into the transformative world of financial empowerment as we sit down with Joseph Z. Tore of Willbey Solutions. From its inception in 2019 to its current standing as a licensed startup with a distinctive focus, the company has been unwavering in its commitment to providing unparalleled financial access and services. With a keen emphasis on SMEs and a strategic blend of finance and technology, Willbey Solutions has set itself apart in the dynamic landscape of Zimbabwean microfinance.

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