Why 90,000+ people walk through the doors of Nyaho Medical Centre annually

Nyaho Medical Centre is pleased to announce the 2017 performance of Nyaho Medical Centre’s medical department

Why 90,000+ people walk through the doors of Nyaho Medical Centre annually

Accra, October 2018

Overview / Statistics Summary

This report gives a general overview of the activities that occurred in the medical department for the year 2017.

In 2017, we touched 94,775 lives at Nyaho Medical Center, and our Patient Department provided beds for 2,580 patients. Meanwhile, 941 Theatre Cases were successfully attended to at the centre. The top 3 reasons for patients’ admissions in 2017 included Respiratory Tract Infection/Pneumonias (RTI), Obstetrics, and Cardiovascular diseases.

Concerning the gender balance between patients of Nyaho Medical Centre, in general women (54.2%) are more likely to seek health care than men (45.8%) when they are unwell.

We attended to patients of all ages, however the 15-44 years group topped the attendance with 52% of the total attendance in 2017. The under 5 years group was the second in the rank (23%), followed by the 45-59 years group (11%), the 60+ years group (8%), and the 5-14 years group (6%).

We are also proud to announce we recorded 420 baby deliveries; that is 1 life a day. We also recorded 642 new registrations (Expectant Mothers) in 2017. This shows a 27% increase in comparison with 2016.

Nyaho Dove Foundation bed donation
A visual overview of the 2017 performance of Nyaho Medical Centre’s medical department.

Our Out-Patient Department was in most cases involved with General Practice (55.7%), followed by Specialist consultations (38.2%), and Family Practice (6.1%).

In terms of Medical/Surgical trends, we are also proud of our 0% Neo-Natal Mortality Rate, 0% Maternal Mortality Rate, 0% Pressure Ulcer Rate, and zero occurrence of Surgical Complications.

Conversely, Respiratory Tract Infection/Pneumonias (RTI) sadly leads the top 5 Morbidity OPD Pattern (22%), followed by Malaria (18.3%), Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) (12.9%), Obstetrics (OB) (8.7%), and Unitary Tract Infections (UTI) (8.1%). The morbidity pattern displays CVD with a rate of 20.6%, followed by OB (19.8%) and RTI (14.1%).


About Nyaho Medical Centre:
Interview with Dr. Elikem Tamaklo, Managing Director of Nyaho Medical Centre: Ghana’s Healthcare Leader Nyaho Medical Center is Opening First Satellite Clinic in Accra

Among others, Dr. Tamaklo highlighted Nyaho’s persistent approached focused on Nyaho patients and their families:
Our vision really is to be Africa’s most trusted name in healthcare, which is extremely ambitious but we believe that it is possible as trust is really about the human connection and the ability to meet the need at the time. Our objective is to build trust between our patients and the Nyaho healthcare system by ensuring that we consistently deliver care at an international standard of care such that Ghanaians need not go to countries such as India, the USA and the UK for quality healthcare at a significant cost. At the core of our mission is a desire to transform lives by surpassing expectations in healthcare by leveraging innovative solutions, a disciplined approach and a focus on the needs of our patients and their families.


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