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Lucrative Investment Opportunities in Ghana: Exploring Key Sectors for Financial Success

Ghana, known for its stability, robust economy, and investor-friendly policies, offers a plethora of investment opportunities across various sectors. Whether you are a local entrepreneur or an international investor, Ghana’s diverse economy presents avenues for profitable ventures. In this article, we will explore some of the key investment opportunities that have shown promise in Ghana.

Companies and Individuals Shaping the Ghanaian Business Landscape Rewarded During 2022 Ghana Business Awards Event

With the goal to reward businesses and individuals that have played a defining role in moving their industry forward; identify projects and individual achievements that have enabled their business to set themselves apart from their competitors; but also recognize achievements from local and international companies involved in promoting the business sector in Ghana; the Ghana Business Awards event returned for its fifth-anniversary on October 28, 2022.

Endowments in Saudi Arabia: Ahmed Alfaddagi Gives an Overview of the General Authority for Awqaf

Ahmed AlFadaggi discusses endowments in Saudi Arabia in light of Vision 2030 and gives an overview of the General Authority for Awqaf. GAA aims to regulate, maintain, and develop endowments, in order to realize the Donor Conditions, and to enhance its role in economic and social development and social solidarity, in accordance with the objectives of Islamic law and regulations.

Jadeite’s Proposals Portal to Empower Passionate Entrepreneurs Globally: An Interview with Hasan AlMatrouk

Hasan AlMatrouk presents exciting ventures, a proposals portal by Jadeite Group created to invest and empower passionate entrepreneurs globally. Jadeite Group is a private equity and alternative investment company which focuses on real estate, food and beverage, consumer products, e-commerce and technology.

Adly Thoma Presents Gemini Africa: An Investment Company and Entrepreneurial Hub for Egypt and Africa

Adly Thoma gives an overview of Gemini Africa, an investment company and a hub for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt and across Africa. Gemini Africa plays the role of the arm for entrepreneurs, linking or bridging between the ecosystem and Orascom Group. The company positions itself as an enabler and access to support for the startups.

Adlevo Capital: A Private Equity Fund Discusses Targeting Technology-Enabling Ventures in Africa

Folabi Esan gives an overview of Adlevo Capital, a private equity fund manager founded on the belief that meaningful development in sub-Saharan Africa will be driven by the application of technology to business processes across all sectors. Adlevo makes equity and equity-linked investments in rapidly growing private companies in various stages of development.

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