Korek Telecom: Growth Targets and Shareholders

Exclusive interview with Ghada Gebara, CEO of Korek Telecom.

The CEO of Korek Telecom Ghada Gebara claims that “Korek is a big player in Iraq now, we have a nationwide coverage.” Korek Telecom is currently the fastest growing telecom operator having moved from 11% to 15.7% market share in a year.

Korek is also backed by strong international brands like Orange and Agility, which are major shareholders in Korek with 20% and 24% shares respectively. Since the Orange backed management took over Korek the company’s spin-off meant an increase in customer base by more than 25% and rapid innovation and growth.

The next step is the new generation; “we need to bring Iraq to the 21st century. I always like to say that telecom is becoming an infrastructure.”

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