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Saudi Arabia: women’s participation in the economy

Women’s participation in the economy comes under a few sectors. For a long time we have had women participating in family business because of course a lot of women inherit the business from their father with their brothers and the rest of the family. In that sense women are active in either overlooking or becoming shareholders and many times becoming board members of the family business. However, we do not have enough female board members in the family businesses.

Environmental Awareness has Improved but Implementation of Regulations still Weak

In 2006, I brought a solution to Jeddah Municipality – where they produce 7,000 tons of waste per day – and said we’re going to generate electricity and power from that waste. And now, we’re still in negotiations with other authorities to approve this innovation. It takes time, especially talking about mega projects that cost $500 million. We’ll give solutions and generate waste into 100 megawatts can easily give electricity to almost 10,000 households (depending on how big the house is). It’s amazing and good, but it still takes time and investment.

Best Network in Saudi Arabia: Fastest 4G LTE by Zain

Sultan Abdulaziz Al-Deghaither, Sr. Director of Network Engineering at Zain
Yes, it is the newest network. We are serving our customers with the latest technology provided by our partners. We are working with the biggest telecom service providers across the world, including Huawei, Nokia, Siemens and ZT. In addition, our fibre network is provided by Alcatel-Lucent, who have a very strong track record in that area.

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