Iraq: Long-Term Future of Iraq

View an exclusive interview with the leading private bank in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq – North Bank.

Nozad Dawood Fattah Al-Jaff, Chairman North Bank, believes in the long-term future of Iraq. He states: “We stayed here during the worst period of the Iraqi and Kurdish history. We are happy that we stayed and we are doing much better than those who left. The people who left and had no faith in the country found themselves isolated and they are now coming back.”

Indeed, many indicators show that Iraq is a new emerging destination for business, tourism and trade. Al-Jaff’s on-the-ground experience confirms this trend.

“When I attend conferences and meetings and then return to Iraq after traveling, I have a hard time finding a seat on a plane going back to any part of Iraq, especially to Erbil or the whole KRG area… All the planes coming to Iraq and KRG are full or have a high occupancy. The hotels are also difficult to book – these are all very good signs.”

Although challenges exist, many observers, businessmen and insiders are optimistic about the future.  
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