AEC Discusses Developing ICT Capabilities

Advanced Electronics Company (AEC), a leading manufacturing company operating in military, telecom and industrial sectors, discusses their strategy to develop ICT capabilities in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Ghassan Al-Shibl, President and CEO of AEC, discusses developing ICT capabilities in Saudi Arabia.

He says: “AEC aims to create capabilities that make a difference to the end customer or the end user. In Saudi Arabia, we rely heavily on international organisations to implement our needs and requirements. Subsequently, throughout the life cycle of the project, we will need international companies to support the products and systems that are being deployed. As I said, one of our primary aims at AEC is to create real capabilities in this country through our nationals and thus bring the support closer to the customer throughout the life cycle of any project in which we become engaged.”

“We are not agents of companies. Nor is AEC an agent for international companies. Our role with international companies is to make sure that all the programmes we implement have a significant element of technology transfer and contribute to creating in-country capabilities for supporting that product or system. This has always been our key differentiating factor in all the projects in which we have participated. This approach clearly differentiates us from many other ICT organisations in the country; the others are rather PM organizations than technical.”

“AEC provides full-fledged support. We depend on Saudi human resources. We are closer to the customer. We live in the country, our company resides in the country, and therefore we understand the needs and requirements. Whatever solution we provide to the end customer, it’s a solution that is much more valuable than any other solution that may be offered.”


Interview with AEC: Advanced Electronics Company Moving Saudi Arabia Closer to Knowledge Economy

About AEC

Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) is a regional pioneer in the development of advanced electronics, serving local, national, and international clients in the defense, security, telecom, manufacturing, systems integration, and repair and maintenance sectors.

AEC designs, develops and produces electronic products and systems for civil, military and industrial customers. It also offers a variety of products and solutions including industrial systems, energy systems, telecommunication systems and cultural products. In addition, it provides modification, upgrade, maintenance and repair services for electronic products and systems, apart from providing logistical support services. The company serves utilities, security, power and energy, oil, gas, petrochemical, and manufacturing industries. AEC is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

AEC is a gateway to highly specialized services and market opportunities, offering:

  • access to world-class engineering, information and communication technology (ICT)

  • complete solution deployment capabilities.

  • easy and rapid access to other regional markets, customers, and distribution networks.

AEC possesses in-depth understanding of the dynamics and structure of the Saudi and international electronics markets. Through its superior technical and engineering capabilities, AEC has forged close working relationships with many renowned international original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

AEC has demonstrated excellence and proven leadership in the Military, Telecom & Industrial business sectors, and prides itself on its excellent end-to-end customer support, reliability and ability to deliver on time and to budget.

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