Zimbabwe Engineering: Mohorosi Makhurane Unveils Waterprint Investments’ Multifaceted Expertise

Mohorosi Makhurane, Founder and CEO of Waterprint Investments, provides an overview of the company’s diverse engineering disciplines.

“Waterprint Investments was officially established in October 2010 as an engineering company, and since then, we have been actively involved in various engineering disciplines. Our broad expertise spans across telecommunications engineering, road infrastructure development, and asphalt production. In the realm of telecommunications engineering, we specialize in fiber optics installations, backbone expansions, aerial installations, and MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching). Within Zimbabwe, we undertake the installation of underground fiber optic backbones and aerial fiber installations, facilitating intercity and intercountry connectivity. Concerning road infrastructure, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including the supply of road line marking paint, road signs, and other SADC standard signs, aimed at standardizing signage across the southern region. Furthermore, our asphalt plant manufactures both hot and cold asphalt premix, crucial for road surfacing, and we provide smaller packaging options for DIY patching, ensuring accessibility for all”, says Mohorosi Makhurane.

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