Top Utility Companies in Uganda has ranked the top utility companies in Uganda. The list is composed of key players from sectors such as: energy generation, energy distribution, water supply, sanitation, energy purchase and energy transmission.

Top Utility Companies in Uganda


Top Utility Companies has ranked the top utility companies in Uganda. The list is composed of key players from sectors such as: energy generation, energy distribution, water supply, sanitation, energy purchase and energy transmission.

Rank Company Country Sector Description

Bujagali Energy

Switzerland Energy Generation Bujagali Energy Limited started in 2004, and owns the largest hydropower plant in Uganda. The Bujagali Hydropower Project consists of a 250 MW run of river hydro power project on the Nile river, at Dumbbell Island, 8 kilometers north (downstream) of the existing Nalubaale (previously known as Owen Falls) and Kiira (Owen Falls Extension) power plants, in Uganda (the “Project”). The Bujagali power plant consists of a power station housing 5×50 MW Kaplan turbines with an associated 28 meters high earth-filled dam and spillway works. The Project was commissioned on August 1, 2012 and has been operating with an availability of 99% since then. Bujagali Energy operates under agreements with Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL), the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Finance and is regulated by the Electricity Regulatory Authority (“ERA”) in Uganda.


Uganda Energy Distribution Umeme Limited is Uganda’s main electricity distribution company, listed on the Uganda Securities Exchange and cross listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange. The company operates a 20 year electricity distribution concession effective 1st March 2005, from the Government of Uganda. After the electricity sector reforms in 1999, Uganda adopted a single buyer electricity sector model, where Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) is the System Operator, responsible for the purchase of electricity from all Independent Power Producers, import and export of electricity and being Umeme’s sole supplier. As an electricity distributor, Umeme is licensed to distribute and supply electricity to customers. This mandate involves; operation, maintenance and upgrade of electricity distribution infrastructure, electricity retail and provision of related services.

National Water and Sewerage Corporation

Uganda Water Supply and Sanitation Established in 1972, National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) is a public utility company 100% owned by the Government of Uganda. The Corporation operates in 256 towns. As an expert in water and waste water management for 48 years, NWSC is committed to reaching 100% service coverage (clean safe water within a radius of 200 meters in all the towns and urban centers entrusted to NWSC). The Corporation is currently at 78.6% service coverage.

Uganda Electricity Transmission Company

Uganda Energy Purchase and Transmission Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) is a parastatal company whose primary purpose is to make bulk electricity purchases and transmit the electricity along high voltage wires to local and foreign distribution points. UETCL is the sole authorized national bulk energy purchaser and the sole authorized electricity importer and exporter in Uganda. UETCL is responsible for the development, operations, maintenance and improvement of the high-voltage power transmission lines in Uganda. It also owns and operates the high-voltage substations around the country.

Uganda Electricity Distribution Company

Uganda Energy Distribution Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited (UEDCL) is a parastatal company whose primary purpose is to distribute electric power to domestic and commercial end-users in Uganda, at and below 33 kilovolts. This role was sub-leased to Umeme for a 20-year concession that ends in 2025. During the period of the concession to Umeme, UEDCL has the following operations: monitor Umeme’s adherence to the terms of the concession ; maintain and operate the off-grid power networks in Moyo, Adjumani, and Moroto ; supervise the completion of the grid-expansion projects that were under construction by the Rural Electrification Network, a sister government agency, at the time the Umeme concession was initialized ; maintain, operate, and manage the electric pole treatment plant at Lugogo in Central Kampala.

Eskom Uganda

South Africa Energy Generation Eskom Uganda Ltd (EUL) was incorporated in 2002, and was awarded a concession to operate and maintain Nalubaale and Kiira Hydro Power stations in Jinja for 20 years. EUL took over operations and maintenance of the complex from Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd (UEGCL)in 2003. Eskom Uganda is a subsidiary company of Eskom Enterprises (Proprietary) Limited. EUL is the main hydro power electricity generating company in Uganda and the current average production is 138MW per day. All the electricity generated is sold to Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL), the authorized single buyer, who sells it to the sole distributor Umeme who in turn distributes it to the local consumers throughout the country.

EMS Africa Mpanga

United States Energy Generation EMS Africa Mpanga Ltd is a company that owns and operates the 18MW run-of-river Mpanga hydropower plant in the West of Uganda. The plant has been in operations since 2011 and managed by a qualified team of Ugandan and Sri Lankan staff. Main shareholder is South Asia Energy Management Systems (SAEMS), who successfully developed, constructed and sold a portfolio of 10 run-of-river hydroplants in Sri Lanka. Mpanga Hydro Power is owned by EMS Africa and the project is funded by FMO.

Jacobsen Uganda Power Plant Co.

Norway Energy Generation Namanve Power Station is a 50 MW heavy fuel oil-fired thermal power plant in Uganda. It is owned and operated by Jacobsen Electricity Company (Uganda) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jacobsen Elektro, an independent Norwegian power production company. The power station is sometimes referred to as Kiwanga Power Station. The plant is located in Kampala Industrial and Business Park, an 894 acres business and industrial development area.





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