Top Pharmaceutical Companies in Saudi Arabia has ranked the largest industrial companies in Saudi Arabia. In compiling the list, we excluded some the top private companies that are not subject to disclosure.

largest pharmaceutical companies Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s

Largest Pharmaceutical Companies has ranked the largest pharmaceutical companies Saudi Arabia. The market is divided into the drug producing companies and pharmaceutical distribution companies. While the top pharmaceutical distribution companies are Tamer Group followed by SITCO Pharma in production the largest pharmaceutical companies are SPIMANCO, followed by Tabuk Pharmaceuticals and Jamjoom. The problem with the ranking of pharmaceutical companies is that some are not listed on the stock exchange and therefore it is difficult to determine their market value. As of 2012 there were 19 licensed pharmaceutical manufacturers in Saudi Arabia.

The list of the top pharmaceutical companies does not list foreign companies. Foreign companies included, according to a research note by Aljazira Capital, in 2008 the following pharmaceutical companies had the largest market share in Saudi Arabia: GSK 10.3%, SPIMANCO 9.4%, Pfizer 6.4%, Tabuk 3.9%, Novartis 3.3%, Jamjoom 3.2%, Astra 3.1%, Julphar 3.1%, MSD 2.5% and Janssen 2.5%.

The pharmaceutical market in Saudi Arabia is the largest in the Middle East. It represents 65% of the GCC market. The outlook for growth for the next 10 years, in the Saudi Arabia pharmaceutical market is very positive. The total pharmaceutical market is worth USD 6.7 billion.  The Saudi pharmaceutical market is set to achieve a steady growth with a compound average growth rate of 8.7% until 2018.

Pharmaceutical spend per capita in Saudi Arabia is around USD 230. In 2012, there were more than 3000 pharmacies and 4600 registered drugs.  There are about 200 pharmaceutical companies in Saudi Arabia. The market is controlled by European firms and over 40 agents. In 2010, Saudi Arabia accounted for about 65% of total pharmaceutical sales in the GCC region. Moreover, 82% of the Kingdom’s demand is met through imports, presenting a significant growth opportunity for domestic pharmaceutical companies.

Saudi Arabia, which comprises over two-thirds of the total GCC population, is the largest healthcare spender in the region. In 2013, it spent an estimated $35.9 billion on health care.

The List of Top Pharmaceutical Companies in Saudi Arabia

Rank Company Country Industry Market Value ($ bil) Market Share in % Description

Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries & Medical Appliances Corporation (SPIMACO)

Saudi Arabia Pharmaceutical Industry 1.6 9.4% SPIMACO accounts for the second-largest market share of 9.4% in the Saudi Arabian pharmaceutical market – largest in the GCC region – after GlaxoSmithKline (market share of 10.3%). Among local players, SPIMACO has the largest market share of 39.4%. Moreover, 45% of SPIMACO’s offerings are branded drugs, which command the largest market share of 80.8% in the Saudi pharmaceutical market.

Astra Industry (Tabuk Pharmaceuticals)

Saudi Arabia Pharmaceutical Industry 0.770 3.9% Astra Industry: Astra Industries (AI) is one of the leading industrial conglomerates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Comprises a group of companies. Tabuk Pharmaceuticals is the second largest pharmaceutical company in Saudi Arabia producing drugs with 3.9% market share.

Jamjoom Pharma

Saudi Arabia Pharmaceutical Industry   3.2% Third largest pharmaceutical company in Saudi Arabia by market share.

Tamer Group

Saudi Arabia Pharmaceutical Industry Private   Tamer Group is a leading healthcare, prestige products, and fast moving consumer goods company responding to the growing needs of the Saudi and Middle East communities. The Group’s core activities are import, distribution, promotion, marketing, and manufacturing. Tamer Group is the largest pharmaceutical distribution company in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Centre Group (SCG)

Saudi Arabia Pharmaceutical Industry     Saudi Centre Group (SCG) is a leading healthcare company that is focused on sales and marketing of high quality products such as specialty products for the rare diseases, infant nutrition and advanced therapy for diabetic complication.

Riyadh Pharma

Saudi Arabia Pharmaceutical Industry      

Jazeera Pharmaceutical Industries

Saudi Arabia Pharmaceutical Industry      


Saudi Arabia Pharmaceutical Industry      

SITCO Pharma

Saudi Arabia Pharmaceutical Industry     Saudi International Trading Company Ltd. (SITCO Pharma), is engaged in the Pharmaceutical distribution business in Saudi Arabia. The company, formed in 1990, is considered a leader in the field of pharmaceutical distribution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Representing several major multinational pharmaceutical companies, SITCO Pharma has quickly established the standards for excellence in its field.


France Pharmaceutical Industry Private   SANOFI is currently one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Saudi Arabia producing drugs.

Saudi Arabian Japanese Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd ( SAJA)

Saudi Arabia – Japan Pharmaceutical Industry Private   SAJA is a 50 year joint venture between Tamer Group and Two of the largest Japanese pharmaceutical firms
Astellas and Sankyo for the manufacturing of the latest Japanese origin researched products.
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