The Vision of GLS Catering: Ubuntu

Founded by an Ivorian entrepreneur in 1999, in twelve short years GLS Catering Services, Ltd., has expanded its operations into eight countries on three continents.

The Vision of GLS Catering: Ubuntu

GLS Catering

Founded by an Ivorian entrepreneur in 1999, in twelve short years GLS Catering Services, Ltd., has expanded its operations into eight countries on two continents.

Founded by an Ivorian entrepreneur in 1999, in twelve short years GLS Catering Services, Ltd., has expanded its operations into eight countries on two continents. From schools and hospitals to factories, mining sites, and oil rigs; from office buildings and embassies to United Nations peacekeeping bases; GLS Catering Services enables companies and agencies to outsource a variety of “housekeeping” chores to experienced professionals, allowing these entities to concentrate on their own areas of work.

GLS Catering provides four different types of services:

Catering Services

GLS Catering prepares, delivers, and serves delicious hot or cold meals to your site, no matter whether it is a set of offices, factory, oil rig, or mining site. Our team of highly trained and experienced chefs serve up a whole range of culinary delights on a daily basis. Working closely with our clients, we ensure the best possible choice of menu so as to enhance their employees’ dining experience. 
The Vision of GLS Catering: UbuntuThe delicious meals we provide are both tasty and nutritious, whether they are prepared and served onsite or delivered to the workplace ready for consumption. 

GLS Catering also looks after onsite cafeteria and coffee shop arrangements so that food and beverages are always available according to the needs of each individual place of work. This includes the provision of drinks and pastries for meetings with any number of participants.

Facilities Management

At GLS Catering, we take great pride in looking after every aspect of our clients’ facilities management, ranging from housekeeping, gardening and laundry services to administration & conference organization, so that our clients are free to focus on their core business, content in the knowledge that facility management is in safe and competent hands.

Corporate Events Planning

The members of the Corporate Events team at GLS Catering are masters of the art of showcasing your company’s or agency’s mission and successes. Our skilled and experienced events team will ensure that each event is tailored to your specific needs and purposes, so that all requisites to success are incorporated into the plan and nothing is left to chance. This includes logistics, administration, event management, marketing, selection of venue, catering and service, decor and entertainment. Our events team always ensures that the vital ingredients to success are present to that our clients’ events make exactly the impression that our clients desire.

Remote site management

For companies and agencies that conduct major activities at distant and sometimes remote locations, such as oil rigs, construction sites, mining sites, pipelines, or military bases, where employees often live and work in extreme conditions, The Vision of GLS Catering: UbuntuGLS Services provides the entire range of services necessary to keep these activities functioning from the human and logistical needs perspective. GLS Catering will take care of the entire organizational, management and logistics side at these sites, making sure that the conditions of the environment in which the employees live and work will be as comfortable and pleasant as possible. GLS’s services range from providing catering and both arranging and managing accommodations, including medical care, laundry and housekeeping services, to the installation of industrial machines and scheduling. An eye for detail and organizational excellence is our strong point.

GLS Catering is presently operating in two European countries—United Kingdom and France; one in the Middle East—Iraq; and five African countries—Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Benin, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, and Congo; plus out at sea in oil rigs in the Gulf of Guinea.


The Vision of GLS Catering: Ubuntu

GLS Catering operates according to a profound vision of its purpose and goals that begins with faith in its African roots. These roots are form the basis of its Vision Statement:

“Since our business was first set up in 1999, we have never lost sight of the fact that as a company with its roots in Africa, notably in Côte d’Ivoire, our vision is inspired by the African philosophy of ‘Ubuntu.’ Ubuntu is an ethic and a humanist philosophy that embodies people’s relationships with others born of altruistic trust, esteem and generosity. It underlines the idea of all humans being interconnected as part of the global community and not being able to exist in isolation, whereby our actions affect the entire world. As the essence of being human, Ubuntu forms the very foundation of hospitality and the spirit of welcoming, embracing and being accepting of others, with a humane and respectful approach to one’s fellow man being pivotal.”

This philosophy imbues the entire company and is responsible not only for the growth and success, but also for the fulfillment of its social purpose, as Diomande Moussa, the Chief Executive Officer of GLS Catering, explains:

“The ethos of the company is very important. GLS has developed an innovative concept in Côte d’Ivoire while having international standards. We think global and are involved in many countries in the West, and the services we provide are therefore of the best quality and hygiene is always paramount. We are also creating jobs for a large number of people to access a better lifestyle, especially as these jobs do not require very well educated employees because they are rather simple.”

Upon this foundation, GLS Catering aims to

“Provide a wide range of high-quality catering and facility services across the globe to our clients whose business activities are based onshore or offshore, in the private sector or the public domain, with some of our clientele working in extreme conditions or on remote or isolated sites.”

Our aim is to take care of your main assets—your clients and your employees—by creating living conditions in which their wellbeing is our top priority, always adding a special personal touch to make them feel at home. We understand our clients’ requirements in terms of quality and conform to strict quality standards in accordance with our ISO 9001 certification.”

Diomande Moussa is also is very proud of the reputation the company has earned. “We have been awarded 4 times as company offering the best quality services in Côte d’Ivoire. The wellbeing of people is our priority, which is reflected in our services as well as our treatment of employees. GLS Catering has gone a long way since its inception and has developed greatly, but will yet grow a lot more.”

ISO 9001 certification GLS Catering

According to Diomande Moussa, GLS Catering is setting the standard for personal and institutional services no matter where they are needed. “We have chosen to answer people’s needs in different countries. This is highly demanding in terms of food safety and hygiene. We have very strict regulations such as HACCP. GLS makes it a point to offer the best quality of services and we are ISO 9001 compliant.”

The highest goal of GLS Catering is to set an example for all Ivorians. “Wherever our services are needed,” says Moussa,“GLS will be present on the market, exporting its services and setting an example for the young generations, showing them that development is possible when we put effort into a project.”

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