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Housing Deficit and Energy Challenges in Zimbabwe: Rinos Mautsa Shares his Vision for Inclusive Growth

In the dynamic landscape of Zimbabwe’s business sector, Rinos Mautsa has extended influence across diverse industries. Now at the helm of Picco Construction and Energy Plus Group, Mautsa is addressing Zimbabwe’s housing deficit and energy challenges simultaneously, with innovative projects providing affordable housing solutions and transitioning towards sustainable energy alternatives.

Powering Progress: An In-Depth Conversation with Pankaj Bhati, Chairman and MD at AlphaTND

Pankaj Bhati explores AlphaTND Limited’s evolution, noteworthy contributions to the power sector in Ghana, West Africa, and beyond, and outlines the company’s ambitious strategies for global expansion and revenue enhancement in the future. Since inception in 2012, AlphaTND scaled up providing premium services to support the anticipated growth in the emerging electrical sector of the economy. It introduces a comprehensive first-hand experience in West Africa’s Power Transmission and Distribution System.

Exploring Investment Opportunities in Zimbabwe: A Growing Frontier

Zimbabwe, once known as the “breadbasket of Africa,” is a country on the rise. Despite facing economic challenges in the past, the nation is now opening up to a host of investment opportunities. With a wealth of natural resources, a burgeoning middle class, and recent political and economic reforms, Zimbabwe is becoming an attractive destination for both local and foreign investors.

Tarboul Industrial City: The Smart, Sustainable and Livable City, in Line with Egypt’s Pledge as Part of COP 27

In this interview, Ahmed Hamouda, Senior Investment Officer at GV Developments, highlights advances and efforts made by GV with Tarboul Industrial City in line with Egypt’s pledge as part of COP 27. He also gives an overview of Egypt’s first smart, sustainable and livable industrial city, and talks about the importance of implementing a sustainable economic model.

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