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Investing in Zimbabwe: How Vhusi Phiri of Diaspora Kapita and Tsigiro Usekelo Manages Challenges in Investing in Zimbabwe

In this insightful interview, we delve into the visionary journey of Vhusi Phiri, the CEO of Diaspora Kapita and a Co-Founder of Tsigiro Usekelo. The inception of Diaspora Kapita marked the beginning of a groundbreaking endeavor in investing in Zimbabwe. With a core team originating from both South Africa and Zimbabwe, the company’s mission revolved around harnessing modest savings for investments in Zimbabwe, propelled by a deep understanding of the country’s challenges. From these roots, a robust organization emerged, encompassing a diverse portfolio of ventures across various sectors. 

Fashion Retail Industry in Zimbabwe: Sevious Mushosho Discusses Edgars Stores’ Visionary Course

Sevious Mushosho provides insights into Edgars Stores Limited, a prominent player in Zimbabwe’s fashion retail sector, with a focus on quality, affordability, and a varied product portfolio. Mushosho delves into the upcoming foray into online retail, featuring an innovative ERP system and a strategic digital marketing campaign. He also highlights the commitment to rejuvenating local manufacturing, a widespread retail footprint in Zimbabwe, and an ambitious three-year vision to establish Edgars as a leading regional departmental store.

Housing Deficit and Energy Challenges in Zimbabwe: Rinos Mautsa Shares his Vision for Inclusive Growth

In the dynamic landscape of Zimbabwe’s business sector, Rinos Mautsa has extended influence across diverse industries. Now at the helm of Picco Construction and Energy Plus Group, Mautsa is addressing Zimbabwe’s housing deficit and energy challenges simultaneously, with innovative projects providing affordable housing solutions and transitioning towards sustainable energy alternatives.

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