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In the decade that PBI Aqaba has been working in Jordan it has seen huge development; however Chairman and CEO Mr Sheldon Fink says that “Jordan is far away from having realised its potential and
Despite the minor drop in ratings, the Banking sector in Jordan is healthy and enjoys an increasingly sound operating environment. The top players are Arab Bank, Housing Bank for Trade and Finance
Ben Novak
All politics and economics in Jordan today are dominated by the popular and charismatic personalities—and dynamic “hands-on” personal leadership—of Jordan’s ruling couple.
Peter Matay
Jordan telecom sector is dominated by three players, the incumbent Jordan Telecom Group (Orange), Zain Jordan and Umniah, operated by Batelco Bahrain. The sector is mature and the penetration rate
Peter Matay
Generally considered one of the most beautiful of world leaders, Queen Rania, for her part, has been no palace wallflower.
Peter Matay