Exploring Aseer’s Unique Appeal as a Key Investment Destination for Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Abdulgader Amir, Deputy CEO of Planning and Development for Aseer Development Authority (ASDA), explains what sets Aseer apart as a key investment destination for tourism in Saudi Arabia.

“I believe the natural landscape stands out as a defining feature of Aseer. Its rich biodiversity and diverse topography provide a compelling draw. With coastal areas along the Red Sea, plateaus leading to towering mountains reaching heights of up to 3000 meters, and the greenest regions in Saudi Arabia, Aseer boasts a remarkable variety of landscapes. Additionally, our region is home to over 2000 villages, with 400 of them being prized heritage sites. These villages showcase iconic traditional arts, architecture, and local cuisines, including renowned honey and Arabian coffee. Our vibrant cultural scene, including folklore and traditional dances, further enriches the visitor experience. Notably, Aseer’s youthful demographic, with 60% of the population aged between 20 to 35, adds dynamism to our community. Overall, Aseer presents itself as a unique tourist destination with its breathtaking topography, adventure sports opportunities, coastal beauty, traditional architecture, and culinary delights, all enhanced by a rich cultural heritage”, says Dr. Abdulgader Amir.

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