Discussing Giga Projects with Yassen Kattan of ROSHN, One of the Largest Developers in Saudi Arabia

Yassen Kattan discusses giga projects and gives an overview of ROSHN, the national developer of Saudi Arabia, mentioning ambitious projects such as SEDRA and WAREFA in Riyadh, ALAROUS in Jeddah, and the ALFULWA project in Al Hofuf. He also talks latest news and shares his vision for the future of ROSHN Group.

Interview with Yassen Kattan, Head of Strategy and Corporate Affairs, and Group CEO Advisor at ROSHN

Yassen Kattan, Group CEO Advisor at ROSHN

Can you begin by introducing your company and providing a brief overview of your services? Additionally, could you elaborate on your competitive advantages, as there are several similar projects in the market? What sets you apart from the rest?

Let’s start by introducing ourselves as ROSHN Group, the national developer of Saudi Arabia. As a national developer, our focus is to support the development of various sectors in Saudi Arabia. We have primarily concentrated on building residential communities in recent years, as one of our mandates is to increase the percentage of home ownership and meet the targets for Vision 2030, which is set at 70%. Our primary mandate is to enhance the overall quality of life in Saudi Arabia, which is our main value proposition. Our mandate of improving the quality of life in Saudi Arabia goes beyond just homes and extends to the surrounding areas. We aim to provide amenities that facilitate living, working, and recreational activities all within the same community. Our focus is centered on developing comprehensive communities where everything is conveniently located within walking distance, which sets us apart from other developers at this stage.

It is impressive to hear about your exciting projects. Could you provide us with some details regarding these projects?

At ROSHN, we develop projects all over Saudi Arabia, including the eastern, central, western, and southern regions. Currently, we have launched four projects, namely SEDRA in Riyadh, ALAROUS in Jeddah, and WAREFA in Riyadh. Our latest announcement is the ALFULWA project in Al Hofuf, located in the Eastern Province.

What is your purpose for attending this amazing real estate event? What brings you to MIPIM?

Our main objective is to showcase ROSHN to the world as a Giga Project and discuss our progress and activities, focusing primarily on our announced four developments that we are working on. Additionally, we would like to share some of our ambitious projects that are in the pipeline. These projects will be situated in the same regions we discussed earlier. We aim to demonstrate our ambition and highlight our desired trajectory and the partnerships we require to achieve our goals. We understand that we cannot achieve our objectives alone, which is why we have established solid local partnerships and are now looking for global partners as well. By partners, we refer to consultants, construction and supply companies, contractors, designers, and others.

What is your projection for the development of the company and your vision for the future?

We are setting the company to become one of the largest developers globally, which is also a concrete target that we are all working towards. As of now, our young company is one of the largest developers in Saudi Arabia, and in few years, we will be one of the largest in the region. Ultimately, our goal is to become one of the largest developers globally.

I have been with the company for four and a half years now, starting as one of the first employees. As of now, I can say that business is almost doubling in everything annually, and we are targeting to speed up even more.


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