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Portrait of Libyan Businessman: The Interview with Mohamed Raied

Mohamed Raied, Chairman of Al-Naseem Food Industries
“Everyone knows it was difficult for 40 years, especially difficult for the private sector in Libya. I had started with a food stuff trade in 1989 on a small scale with one shop in Misrata, then had an ice cream factory in 1993 and first I had only a basic ice cream machine that would produce 2,000 pieces/cups,” recalls Mohamed Raied. Today, Al Naseem is trying to be number one in Libya in producing dairy products.

GDCOL plans to increase Libya’s desalination capacity by building more desalination plants

Abdulmonem Ali Elhassadi, Chairman of General Desalination Company of Libya (GDCOL)
GDCOL currently provides less than 20% of the water supply in Libya as the main resource in the country is the Man-Made River. Mr Elhassadi hopes that Libya will concentrate on desalination rather than ground water in the future to come. The strategy of GDCOL is to have a desalination river; if there is a desalination plant at almost every 50km or every 100km, then they can connect them all and thus create a desalination river, a dream of Mr Elhassadi.

Steel industry in Libya: Local market to drive steel demand despite global surplus

Dr. Mohamed Abdulmalik Elfigih, Chairman of LISCO (Libyan Iron & Steel Company)
When we look at the local market in Libya; we must consider that this is a transitional period, if we compare 2013 with 2012, the local market has improved a great deal, with increased demands every month. We also must consider that Libya in general will have increased demand. I consider Libya a virgin country in terms of infrastructure, and so we need a lot of projects.

Jotun Libya: Projects and outlook for construction and real-estate sector

Abdel Menem Abdel Aziz, Chairman of JOTUN (Libya)
JOTUN paints are famous throughout Libya and other parts of the world for their very high quality. “The service JOTUN provides makes us absolutely exceptional in our relationship with project owners. We see ourselves as their partners when it comes to paints or protection against corrosion. We are with them throughout the project; from the beginning until the end,” explains Mr. Aziz. The company is currently building a factory near the town of Zuwara, some 90km west of Tripoli. It is a factory that would deploy the latest technology JOTUN has deployed anywhere else.

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