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Libyan Investments: Latest Analysis of Investments in Libya

Khaled Al Bakory, CEO of Privatization and Investment Board (PIB)
Most of companies from all over the world are concentrating on investments in the oil sector of Libya. However, the country has, according to Al Bakory, other attractive investment opportunities, particularly in the health and transportation sector. The aim of Privatization & Investment Board of Libya has been to attract variety of investment projects, including tourism and transportation.

Misurata Free Zone: One of the Top Locations for Foreign Investors in Libya

Jamal A El-Ghirani, Investment General Manager of Misurata Free Zone
Misurata seems to be the most stable place and the most secure city at the moment. Misurata Free Zone as a company employs approximately 1,223 people. There are many investors on the ground in the free zone. The bottom line is that the free zone is trying to and has created a lot of job opportunities for Libyan youth; within 20 years there should be up to 80,000 job opportunities. The Misurata Free Zone receives business delegations all the time; ambassadors from foreign governments visit the zone on a frequent basis.

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