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National Commercial Bank: Strategy to Become the Best Bank in Libya

Suleiman E. Alazzabi, Managing Director of National Commercial Bank (NCB)
National Commercial Bank expects 5 to 10% growth of the Libyan banking sector in 2013/2014. As a part of their strategy, National Commercial Bank plans to establish a financial leasing company that will merge the traditional commercial side with the Islamic one, and an IT company. The Bank’s vision is to be the market leader in terms of transparency, quality and quantity of products. The MD is sure the National Commercial Bank will differentiate from other Libyan banks in terms of services and transparency during 2014/2015.

BSIC: Strategy in Africa

BSIC Bank (Banque Sahelo Saharienne Pour l`Investissement et le Commerce)
BSIC Bank is a regional bank in Africa and it has 14 affiliates in different countries in Africa. Four of them are Anglophone-Arabic affiliates and 10 are Francophone affiliates. The main currency of the bank is Euro. The authorised capital is about 750 million Euro. BSIC Bank is preparing to change its strategy and consolidate its commercial affiliates and start to do development banking through the head office.

Jumhouria Bank: Leading the Libyan Banking Space, Maintaining Top Position

Ahmed I. Rajab, General Manager of Jumhouria Bank, the largest bank in Libya
Jumhouria Bank is the largest bank in Libya and was the result of a merger between Al Ummah Bank and Jumhouria Bank. Now we have a total capital of about 1 billion Libyan dinar and total assets for 2012 of 33 billion Libyan dinar on the balance sheet and 12 billion dinar off the balance sheet for a total of about 44 billion Libyan dinar.

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