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LTT Libya: Increasing coverage and improving internet services in Libya

Husam Abulhul, CEO of LTT (Libya Telecom & Technology)
LTT has set up internet services in areas of the country that didn’t use to have them before; the company is increasing bandwidth and providing improved services. LTT is also trying to balance all their services between all the cities as previously everything was based in Tripoli. The company aims to move forward and satisfy the customers’ demands and increase the internet penetration in Libya.

Libya: Detailed Overview of the Telecom Sector

Eng. Usama Siala, Minister of Communications and Informatics of Libya
In 2013 we are going to be signing at least 2 major contracts for the modernisation of the two mobile operators. These are the two biggest projects and we also have quite a few other smaller projects. For Libyana, we estimate around 230 to 250 million Libyan dinars of investment and it will be around the same for Almadar.

Almadar: New Strategy for Restructuring of the Second Largest Player in Libyan Telecom Space

Abdulla A. Abouda, General Manager of Almadar Aljadid
Almadar is the second mobile operator in Libya and it provides voice services and certain internet services using GPRS and EDGE technology. The operator is preparing for a launch of 3.7G (4G ready) and further network modernisation. The penetration rates are high but the mobile sector is not saturated yet and there is large potential for data. Almadar has already recovered most of the 100 sites affected by the Libyan revolution, yet the past regime remains a challenge – in the form of corporate culture.

Libyana: Largest Mobile Operator in Libya

Salah Ibrahim Mokhtar, CEO of Libyana
Libyana is the largest mobile operator in Libya with a total market share of 72-73% (voice and data). According to the CEO of Libyana Mr. Mokhtar, the mobile operator is now primarily focusing on the reconstruction of the ICT sector in Libya. As a part of its network modernisation project, Libyana aims to introduce new data services, including HSBA service and LTE in the main hotspot areas. The operator is taking all necessary steps to ensure that even the most distant places in Libya will soon enjoy solid telecom connections.

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