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Packaging Industry: Gavin Dehning Discusses Silafrica’s Growth Initiatives Across East Africa

In this conversation with MarcoPolis, Gavin Dehning, the Group CEO of Silafrica, a prominent packaging manufacturing company, discusses recent milestones and highlights major contracts with industry leaders Heineken and Coca Cola, offering valuable insights into the company’s strategic investments and expansive growth strategies across East Africa.

Pasqua Giuseppe: 50 years of quality aluminum and metal works for Ethiopian market

Sonia Pasqua, General Manager of Pasqua Giuseppe
Pasqua Giuseppe will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year. Its segment is the metalwork; it manufactures aluminum and steel products and components. The company constructs everything from the canopy to the tankers underground. Pasqua was the first company in 2000 to receive the quality certification for the production of oil tankers and it has so far received multiple quality certifications from international giants like Shell and Total.

Technostyle, a leading importer and supplier of furniture in Ethiopia, to start manufacturing locally

Amelework Ghidey, Managing Director of Technostyle
Being in the business for the last 15 years, Technostyle has managed to indentify its niche market and moved itself up the ladder to become the leader in the import and supply of furniture in Ethiopia. The company is also involved in interior design, offering unique turnkey interior solutions. By relying on the young returnees educated abroad, Technostyle aims to increase their productivity by 300% in the next five years. While currently importing from more than 15 international companies (Turkey, Italy, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Indonesia and America), Technostyle now wants to focus on local manufacturing by using 60% local materials from Ethiopia.

Exploring the gold mining potential of Ethiopia | MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group

Dr. Arega Yirdaw, CEO of MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group
MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group reached more than 5 billion Birr of sales in 2013 (as oppossed to 3.5 billion Birr three years ago) and currently employs about 7,000 workers. The main factor for the group’s success is the sale of gold…

Derba Cement: Leader of the cement industry in Ethiopia

Haile Assegide, Executive Director of Derba MIDROC Cement (Midroc Group Ethiopia)
Door-to-door delivery, good quality and low price — those define Derba Cement as the leader of the cement production in Ethiopia. While the demand for the cement keeps on growing by 22-23%, Derba also wants to enter the local steel market, open a real estate company and a tiles business — all to solve the problems they encounter on a daily basis.

Marble industry is a very profitable business in Ethiopia, says MOAB Plc

Abeba Tesfaye, Managing Directress of MOAB Plc, GIRUM Food Complex
MOAB Plc and Girum Food Complex want to diversify their local production and include production of other nutritious foods like supplemental foods for children, lactating mothers and rehab patients, all to substitute for imports. MOAB is also present in the marble industry in Ethiopia. To develop its marble project, the company is looking for international partners with experience and technology required for the marble processing.

Horizon Addis Tyre Company aspires to become one of the leading tyre producers in Africa

Umesh Davera, General Manager of Horizon Addis Tyre Company (Midroc Group Ethiopia)
Ethiopia is a land-locked country and so it has to rely primarily on the road transportion. The country has undoubtedly a great potential for growing its own rubber, especially in the Bebeka area where, according to the latest research, the climate seems to be ideal for rubber plantations. Nevertheless for the time being, about 75% of tyres is being imported from abroad.

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