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Ethiopian banking market remains untapped despite fast growth, says Oromia International Bank

Abie Sano Mehamed, President of Oromia International Bank
While Ethiopian population reaches almost 100 million the size of the banking market lags behind and remains very small – only 19 banks. Oromia International Bank first opened the doors on October 25, 2008 and since then the bank has experienced rapid growth; opening 26 branches in the first 8 months of operations. For the time being, Oromia International Bank remains the fastest growing bank in the history of Ethiopia.

Enat Bank: Empowering Women of Ethiopia

Meaza Ashenafi, Chairperson of Enat Bank
In Ethiopia, private banks has been flourishing since 1994. The story of Enat Bank is indeed very inspirational. “We wanted to change the narrative; we wanted to change the story about women and finance, and women and economic empowerment. So it was eleven women who came together and decided to start this bank,” explains Meaza Ashenafi. “It became a brand and it became quite powerful because in Ethiopia, the literal meaning of Enat is “mother” but it goes beyond that. It’s about loyalty, care, embracing, foundation, and even about earth.”

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