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Packaging Industry: Gavin Dehning Discusses Silafrica’s Growth Initiatives Across East Africa

In this conversation with MarcoPolis, Gavin Dehning, the Group CEO of Silafrica, a prominent packaging manufacturing company, discusses recent milestones and highlights major contracts with industry leaders Heineken and Coca Cola, offering valuable insights into the company’s strategic investments and expansive growth strategies across East Africa.

Zebad General Export and Import: Discussing the Coffee Sector in Ethiopia with Emebet Tafesse

Emebet Tafesse shares her assessment of the coffee sector in Ethiopia and presents Zebad General Export and Import, an Ethiopian trading company specialized in exporting high quality, fertiliser-free, washed and sun-dried coffee to the international market. She also gives an overview of ERKAB Transit and Consultancy, her logistics company, and shares her vision for the future.

Pasqua Giuseppe: 50 years of quality aluminum and metal works for Ethiopian market

Sonia Pasqua, General Manager of Pasqua Giuseppe
Pasqua Giuseppe will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year. Its segment is the metalwork; it manufactures aluminum and steel products and components. The company constructs everything from the canopy to the tankers underground. Pasqua was the first company in 2000 to receive the quality certification for the production of oil tankers and it has so far received multiple quality certifications from international giants like Shell and Total.

Minister of Mines: “The new potential resources available in Ethiopia include potash, platinum, chromium and nickel”

H.E. Tolesa Shagi, Minister of Mines
The Minister of Mines of Ethiopia discusses the new potential resources available in Ethiopia. 2014 should introduce potash and there are also intensive exploration undergoing for oil and gas. Apart from gold, “We have copper, zinc and lead, which we call base metals commonly associated with gold deposits. Recently we have identified great potential in these resources here in Ethiopia. There will also be platinum, chromium and nickel; we haven’t yet identified the deposits but the indication and potential is there,” states the Minister.

Exclusive interview with the State Minister of Culture and Tourism of Ethiopia, H.E. Tadelech Dalacho Dando

H.E. Tadelech Dalacho Dando, State Minister of Culture and Tourism
Ethiopia is unique in terms of its tourist attractions. There is a combination of all types of attractions here; natural, cultural and historical. The vision of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Ethiopia is to make it one of the top 5 tourist destinations in Africa by 2020, and the government together with the private sector is currently working hard to accomplish this dream.

Technostyle, a leading importer and supplier of furniture in Ethiopia, to start manufacturing locally

Amelework Ghidey, Managing Director of Technostyle
Being in the business for the last 15 years, Technostyle has managed to indentify its niche market and moved itself up the ladder to become the leader in the import and supply of furniture in Ethiopia. The company is also involved in interior design, offering unique turnkey interior solutions. By relying on the young returnees educated abroad, Technostyle aims to increase their productivity by 300% in the next five years. While currently importing from more than 15 international companies (Turkey, Italy, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Indonesia and America), Technostyle now wants to focus on local manufacturing by using 60% local materials from Ethiopia.

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