Al Waddan Hotel Tripoli

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Book your stay in the oldest hotel in Libya!

Al Waddan Hotel Tripoli

Deciding on where to stay in Libya?
Check out Al Waddan Hotel in Tripoli, the oldest and one of the best hotels in Libya.

Built in Tripoli in the 1930’s it has been recently restored to its former luxury, maintaining the tradition and quality of service of this unique hotel.

“What is so beautiful about the Al Waddan is that you can walk out of the door and be in the bustling district of Dahra. You can walk less than 0.5 km and be in Algeria Square or 0.75 km to be in Martyr Square, so everything is very close by foot. You can blend in with the local population and feel safe which is great,” notes the general manager of Al Waddan Anas Tarsin.

For booking and more information visit the website of Al Waddan Hotel.

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