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National Commercial Bank: Strategy to Become the Best Bank in Libya

Suleiman E. Alazzabi, Managing Director of National Commercial Bank (NCB)
National Commercial Bank expects 5 to 10% growth of the Libyan banking sector in 2013/2014. As a part of their strategy, National Commercial Bank plans to establish a financial leasing company that will merge the traditional commercial side with the Islamic one, and an IT company. The Bank’s vision is to be the market leader in terms of transparency, quality and quantity of products. The MD is sure the National Commercial Bank will differentiate from other Libyan banks in terms of services and transparency during 2014/2015.

Portrait of Libyan Businessman: The Interview with Mohamed Raied

Mohamed Raied, Chairman of Al-Naseem Food Industries
“Everyone knows it was difficult for 40 years, especially difficult for the private sector in Libya. I had started with a food stuff trade in 1989 on a small scale with one shop in Misrata, then had an ice cream factory in 1993 and first I had only a basic ice cream machine that would produce 2,000 pieces/cups,” recalls Mohamed Raied. Today, Al Naseem is trying to be number one in Libya in producing dairy products.

Libyan Investments: Latest Analysis of Investments in Libya

Khaled Al Bakory, CEO of Privatization and Investment Board (PIB)
Most of companies from all over the world are concentrating on investments in the oil sector of Libya. However, the country has, according to Al Bakory, other attractive investment opportunities, particularly in the health and transportation sector. The aim of Privatization & Investment Board of Libya has been to attract variety of investment projects, including tourism and transportation.

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