Top Real Estate Companies in Ethiopia

Top Real Estate Companies in Ethiopia
Following the high demand for the housing and the rise of the middle class in Ethiopia, the real estate sector is now flourishing more than ever. During the last decade, more than 200 new real estate developers have emerged. The following real estate players represent the top real estate companies in Ethiopia, among them GIFT Real Estate and Flintstone Engineering, two well-known and well-established real estate companies in the country.
 GIFT Real Estate
GIFT Real Estate has been present in the real estate market for a decade and has established itself as one of the most popular real estate developers in the country. GIFT Real Estate is currently working on a project in the east of Addis where the company is building villa houses, townhouses and apartment houses for their clients.
 Flintstone Engineering
Flintstone Engineering has been involved in the construction sector in Ethiopia since 1991 and recently joined the real estate sector (Flintstone Homes). Within those five years Flintstone Engineering grew into one of the top real estate developers in Ethiopia.
 Ayat Real Estate
Ayat Real Estate is another key real estate developers in Addis Ababa. There is an area in Addis called Ayat following the development of a large number of real estate properties in that specific area.
 Habitat Real Estate
Habitat Real Estate was the first one to introduce real estate development in Ethiopia, when it receiving a large plot of land during the socialist regime of Dergue.

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