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Kuwait is Prioritizing Youth Development – Exclusive Interview with Dr Yousef Al-Ibrahim (Al Diwan Al Amiri)

“With the vision of His Highness the Emir, quite a long time ago Kuwait started to pay a lot of attention to the youth and tried to help them get on the path to be a positive power in society instead of a destructive power in society. Mainly through the Amiri Diwan, we started to be catalysts for many projects.”

Kuwait’s GDP Growth, Budget Deficit, and Oil Prices in 2017

“I have a friend who is a specialist in oil, he said to me “if you ask me tomorrow what would be the price of oil, I would not judge it”. In the past, if you remember, the oil prices in a week or even a month could go up or down by 50 cents or maximum by a US dollar, but now they can drop or rise by one US dollar or by three,” says Bader Al Humaidhi, Former Minister of Finance.

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