CedarCom: Products and Services

Cedarcom Group offers multiple services targeted to corporate and residential customers. They offer corporations dedicated internet services and hosting solutions, and offer multi branch companies data transmission solutions where we connect point A to point B to point C all in a secure method, offering high speed, availability and security features. The residential sector is offered mobile broadband services using the Mobi network and 3G services.

CedarCom offers multiple services targeted to corporate and residential customers. Their main focus right now is on the corporate side. Imad Tarabay, CEO of CedarCom, states, “We are concluding the swap of the 10 year old network with the most advanced fixed broadband network that offers ultra-high speed, availability, quality of service and security. We now are able to offer very high security FIPS 140-2 which is US government grade level security whereby communications between point A and B are now encrypted with 256 Kbit algorithms; no matter what happens if there is someone in the middle, they can’t grab the information.”

CedarCom is able to offer each connected branch with 12mbs, 20mbs, etc. up to 70mbs per second. This is something unforeseen in Lebanon. “We are replicating what we did 10 years ago. 10 years ago we came to the market and said that the benchmark was 64kbs per second and so we came in at 512kbs per second. Now we are seeing that the average connection in the Lebanese market is 2mbs so we are offering 12mbs.” CedarCom is able to compete freely in the marker because other players in the sector do not have that capability.

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