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Bahrain Aluminium GARMCO Bahrain

Bahrain Aluminium GARMCO, CEO of GARMCO, Dr. Adel Hamad A. Rahman Hamad
For GARMCO, Bahrain Aluminium is a small market and GARMCO has to think globally. When GARMCO was set up initially there was no trade in the GCC so you can see how we have developed throughout the years. The other issue is that they produce a very high quality product whereas other mills buy it from smelters that do a lot of recycling which reduces purity.   Bahrain Aluminium – GARMCO also is owned by the government of Bahrain and the GCC so Bahrain has a 38% stake in Bahrain Aluminium – GARMCO and 75% in ALBA; therefore, there is a mutual interest in trade for the benefit of the shareholders

Bahrain Aluminium

Bahrain Aluminium – ALBA, Former CEO, Ahmed Al Noaimi
It is with much pride that I like to say that Aluminium Bahrain – ALBA is the largest modern smelter in the world. While there are other smelters that are bigger than Aluminium Bahrain – ALBA but as far as environmental and safety standards are concerned, Aluminium Bahrain – ALBA is second to none. On safety, Aluminium Bahrain – ALBA numbers speak for themselves. Aluminium Bahrain – ALBA is the only smelter that has reached 9.2 million hours without lost time incidents despite the extremely strict methods Aluminium Bahrain – ALBA uses in counting them. Any absence of one shift of 8 hours is considered to be a loss of time incident while other smelters regard three shifts to be the barometer.

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